We just need a little helping hand to make life enjoyable


What the heck is Little Respite?

Life is crazy. We have so many things to do yet so little time to do all that without tearing our hair apart. To a large extent we are left to fend for ourselves. On a day-to-day basis, we seek out our friends and colleagues on things that are bothering us or things that we can do better. So we thought, how about we share things that have worked for us and encourage our friends to do the same, so we all can benefit. We feel – a little respite from our day-to-day chores/challenges/dilemmas can go a long way in making life more fun.

What can you expect to see on Little Respite?

We have broadly categorized the topics we are going to cover into

It’s your money:Financial smarts related topics. We will not try to pretend to be a financial analyst or Suze Orman for that matter. What we will try to do is share challenges and solutions that a regular person can relate to.

Being a parent: Parenting related topics. Each parent’s challenge is unique. We recognize that. That said, there are a lot of areas where a parent who has charted that journey can share with a new parent or fellow parents. We hope to share our experiences and experiences of our fellow parents to the benefit of larger parent community.

Owning a Home: Home ownership related topics. Home ownership comes with a lot of great things. In some way, a home is like having a kid. It needs care and feeding, but rest assured the experience is great. We hope that we and our fellow home owners will share experiences that would make future home owners enjoy their journey.

Managing a Career: In addition to all the above, most of us have to actively manage our career and steer it so reach our goals in life. Most often career management becomes an afterthought or crisis management. We will use this area to share some of the essential techniques to tread those challenging times in your career.

Being a Good Citizen: We all expect the world to be a great place and meet the ideals that we have set for ourselves. To that end, we all can do more to make this world that ideal place. In this area, we suggest some ideas for you to take with you and put into practice and help achieve that Wonderful World we all cherish.

What will you not get from Little Respite?

One thing we will not do in Little Respite is just plain pontification. We will not pretend that we know and understand everybody’s life challenges and we have solutions for them. We don’t. We will merely share things that worked for us or someone who we know and hope that you might be able to relate to that and draw from it any value that you can then apply to your own life and challenges.