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Resuming your career after a mommy break

Balancing career aspirations and the responsibilities as a parent is no walk in the park. As a mom, it is doubly tough. If making the decision to have a kid is not big enough, it also comes with a kicker. In the same breath you now will have to make a choice about your career. […]

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Joining a Technology Startup? Here is a checklist for you

Every now and then I get a call from a former colleague (typically working at a large company) asking me my opinion about a particular startup that she/he is thinking of joining. Not that I profess to be an expert, but having had my share of working with startups, I have gained some insights that […]

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Make your references count

A friend of mine was looking to change jobs and was seeking some help on how to prepare for the job hunt and the process that might ensue around references. Securing and providing references is a little tricky and here is what I told him. References matter a lot in all walks of like. Whether […]

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Protect your dreams

With all the challenges we face in life just living life by itself can become a struggle. In the face of such challenge, persisting with your dreams is not within everybody capability. So this video reinforces the will to continue dreaming and persisting with the dreams.

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Dos and Don’ts in a Resume

My first attempt to write something around job hunting strategies got some good responses and also got a bunch of people asking me what would constitute a good resume. So I thought of  expanding on the previous post and writing a “Dos and Don’ts” on the resume. All through my career I have received requests […]

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Job Hunt: What can I do different?

My recent meetings with friends/ex-colleagues who are impacted by the downturn and hearing the challenges prompted this post on how people can help themselves in these tough times.  In the post I will share experiences I have had and hopefully some of it would be useful to the readers. We are in a really tough […]

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