Comment Policy

We sincerely appreciate you taking interest and reading our site and taking time to comment on the posts. But given that, a lot of people are just using this as a launchpad to get back links and in the process very little to the actual conversation we felt it was necessary to define a set of policies for comments onĀ Little Respite

Policy #1: Link once and be related.

It is perfectly normal to comment on the topic and have your website mentioned in the Website field. We think it is great opportunity to provide links to sites that are related to the topic we are discussing. So please make sure the website you are linking is related to the topic. If the comment or the website linked is not related to the topic, we will, unfortunately, have to edit or un-approve of the comment.

Policy #2: Say No to Excessive Marketing.

Little Respite will reserve the right to edit/chop-off or completely ignore any comment that seem excessively marketing some wares. As you can imagine and appreciate, we attempt to provide compelling content to the readers and would like to keep the readers interested in the topic. If you really think you will benefit from linking to this blog and the audience in this blog, please do consider sponsoring this site and helping out.

Policy #3: Wham! Bam! No spam.

Little Respite has multiple levels of spam filtering implemented even before the comment gets to the moderator. Typically all comments are approved within minutes of submission.