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Say No to Junk

If you want junk mails shipped to you and help the environment, here are some pointers on how to go about it. Stop Junk Mail If you are tired of getting junk mail week-in and week-out and want to put an end to it you have a choice now – Catalog Choice – Sign up […]

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I am not that green after all

If you have known me or have read my earlier posts on how we have made a lot of efforts around our home, office and life in general you know where I stand on being green and sustainable. Every activity that we do at home involves factoring in the sustainability aspects. So much so that […]

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Facebook Conundrum that I face. Do you?

Facebook has consumed (I mean spare time-wise) the lifes of 600MM+ people around world, yours truly no exception. There is no update too small to not make it to Facebook. Then from thereon the journey of that trivial update takes a life of its own. Many Likes and Shares later, the journey of that update, […]

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My Little hero

Have you come across someone who amazed you with a selfless action that took your breath away ? I met one such person yesterday and needless to say, I was touched by her actions. She is a 3 year old girl named Elizabeth, who I meet every morning, when I drop my son off at […]

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Adopt a school

The economic downturn has impacted one and all. Every state in US has been struggling to balance their budget. In the bargain, public schools have suffered tremendously. Budgets have been slashed, staff reduced, programs canceled. For those who could afford or prefer private schools, the impact has been less visible. But for the vast majority […]

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