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Tired of being tracked by marketing tools ? Opt-out of them

By Subraya Mallya on 04 November 2014 | Topics - Online Smarts

Tracking Users

With Marketing increasingly moving online, tools and technologies have started tracking, following users from the time they start their browser all day, thereby building a profile for you.

If you want to spared from the the overzealous cookies/trackers lurking around you, you need to opt-out of some of the services that are tracking you. Notice that by default all these sites/tools have you opted-in

Here are opt-out options


  1. If you are Chrome browser user (why would you use anything else ?), then we recommend installing the Disconnect extension.
  2. Given that websites now using Canvas fingerprinting instead of cookies, here is another tool to block canvas fingerprinting – EFF Privacy Badger

We will keep adding to this list as we find them, so please come back and check periodically if you need to opt-out of more of them.

About the Author Subraya is a dad, handyman, sports fan and in his part time works on geeky technology stuff. You can check out some of the stuff he is interested on PrudentCloud
  • Rosalind

    This was easy. I just clicked on the link and easy breezy- I was able to opt-out. Google wanted me to download a add-on.