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Ye Have Not Because Ye Ask Not!

Traveling with children is always stressful. Especially if it involves air travel. With road, you have the latitude to be a little flexible with your time and control the velocity. With air travel, you are pretty much shackled in terms of what can be done. A typical routine would involve Get ready 4 hours ahead […]

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Making Goody Bags Good

Have you been to a Birthday party recently ? Having kids or not, birthday party invitations have become a regular part of our life now.  With our busy schedules, hosting birthday parties at locations like Chuck-e-Cheese, Pump-it-Up, Party Place has become a easy alternative. Besides deciding on the menu, space arrangement, you can even pick […]

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Learn effective moderator skills @ home

We choose our friends based on our likes, hence we get along. We don’t get to choose our families,  hence we ought to learn to get along. Can you guess whose quote this is? If you started thinking about some philosopher then you have definitely taken the wrong exit. It is a quote from the […]

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Extended education – myth or overload?

As parents one of our predominant concern is always our kids’ education. It starts right as soon we first get to know we will be parents, if not earlier. According to statistics apparently almost 60-70% of key decisions like house, job and city we live in revolve around our kids’ education. We do extensive research […]

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Halloween Party : Go Crazy in a healthy way

Halloween is the time I dread most – the “candy craze” goes out of control. So this year I set out to make the Halloween Party healthy – while still retaining the fun and kids happy. From the outset I wanted to follow a few guidelines No Candy. No Junk Food ( yeah yeah that […]

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Traveling with Children

Holiday season is upon us and many of us are going to visit family, escape the weather or simply travel to see places. For those with children, the entire planning can be scary and exhausting. The emergency kits, travel necessities, emergency medical help and list goes on. Here is a comprehensive list of things that […]

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