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Get Savvy with the Plum deals out there

While I consider myself a savvy shopper, I do not fall into the coupon obsession crowd. As I mentioned in my earlier post on frugality, my strategies are different – buy un-seasonally, plan purchases ahead of time. So to begin with, I was a skeptic on the whole group buying phenomenon – GroupOn, SavvySource and Plum […]

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20 minutes could save you $40 per month or more

No No!  Hold on! This is not a GIECO Ad that I am replaying. Read on and see how I managed to save $40 bucks a month by just doing my routine checks into bills and visiting the service provider’s web site. All it took was a 20 minutes on the phone with a service […]

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Are you ready for black friday?

As we all know the day after Thanksgiving is the year’s biggest shopping day of the whole year. We scour through the newspapers, grab store flyers, and hunt across the internet for the big deal. This year  most stores have added a new channel – they are publishing their best deals only to their Facebook […]

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It pays to be frugal

In the current economic recession everyone of us is looking for ways to reduce unnecessary spending. Back during the glory days, we got addicted to the habit of spending without flinching for a moment. Now hopefully with the lessons learned from the downturn, the fact that materialism works great for the country’s economy – but […]

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Stimulus Package: What’s in it for me?

With the news of the financial stimulus package being all the rage these days, President Barrack Obama signed the stimulus package yesterday at Denver CO while also sharing some details of the $50B bailout package to help homeowners who are in the water. The stimulus package means a lot of things to lots of us. […]

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